Sphider-plus version 4.2021b - The PHP Search Engine

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[ Change Log Summary ]


- Actual release:    4.2021b

- Former versions:

          Version 4.2021a

          Version 3.2020d       Version 3.2020c

          Version 3.2020b       Version 3.2020a

          Version 3.2019c

          Version 3.2019b       Version 3.2019a

          Version 3.2018b       Version 3.2018a

          Version 3.2017b        Version 3.2017a


          Version 3.2016d        Version 3.2016c

          Version 3.2016b        Version 3.2016a


          Version 3.2015e        Version 3.2014c

          Version 3.2015d        Version 3.2014b

          Version 3.2015c        Version 3.2014a

          Version 3.2015b        Version 3.2013b

          Version 3.2015a        Version 3.2013a



- Older versions:


          Version 2.9          Version 1.9

          Version 2.8          Version 1.8

          Version 2.7          Version 1.7

          Version 2.6          Version 1.6

          Version 2.5          Version 1.5

          Version 2.4          Version 1.4

          Version 2.3          Version 1.3

          Version 2.2          Version 1.2

          Version 2.1          Version 1.1

          Version 2.0          Version 1.0


Version: v.3.2019a

Release date: 2019.03.15

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5


New feature:

Present all results (for singular and plural) at Russian nouns.

This will deliver all search results for e.g. автокреслО and/or автокреслA.

Independent from singular or plural query string.

To be activated in admin backend.


New feature:

- For admin backend define the max. amount of attempts to 'login'

as well as

- The minutes of delay time until next 'login' attempts will be accepted

Both to be activated in Settings menu of admin backend.


New admin login algorithm

As of version 7.2 of PHP the mcrypt library is moved to the PECL environment.

Its usage is highly discouraged. Now the Sodium extension should be used.

In order to meet the most different server configurations worldwide,

the complete Sphider-plus admin backend and datatabase login scripts were rewritten


New xlsx converter

Now covering also the cell parameters of EXCEL sheets.

As per default the new converter is not activated. It might create too many keywords,

which are not required beside cell content.

In order to activate the converter, rename the default converter


and rename the new one from

.../converter/xlsx_reader_new. php




Updated black IPs list files.

Updated and corrected Italian language file.

Updated IDNA converter required to accept non ASCII URLs.

Replaced deprecated PHP functions (v.7.2+) like 'each()'.


Bug fixed in sub menu 'Settings Backup Management'.

Bug fixed in admin 'Lock out'.

Some HTML improvements. On the way to HTML 5.

Some more small bugs fixed.



Involved folders and files that have been modified / added for this release:




.../admin/    nearly all files (replace all)

.../admin/php_sessions/    new sub folder