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- Actual release:    3.2017a

- Former versions:

          Version 3.2016d

          Version 3.2016c

          Version 3.2016b

          Version 3.2016a


          Version 3.2015e          Version 3.2014c

          Version 3.2015d          Version 3.2014b

          Version 3.2015c          Version 3.2014a

          Version 3.2015b          Version 3.2013b

          Version 3.2015a          Version 3.2013a





- Older versions:

          Version 2.9          Version 1.9

          Version 2.8          Version 1.8

          Version 2.7          Version 1.7

          Version 2.6          Version 1.6

          Version 2.5          Version 1.5

          Version 2.4          Version 1.4

          Version 2.3          Version 1.3

          Version 2.2          Version 1.2

          Version 2.1          Version 1.1

          Version 2.0          Version 1.0


Version: 3.2014c

Release date: September 28,, 2014

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5


In front of version 3.2014b the following modifications have been added:


New option:

Index only media content and ignore any text.

To be activated in Admin settings.

New option:

Do not index content, which is placed as div class="s-hidden" like:

<div id=" . . ." class="s-hidden" > this content </div>

New option:

Treat localhost URLs RFC 1808 conform.

If activated, http:/localhost/ will always be used as root directory.

Otherwise URLs like http://localhost/public_html/my_site/

will also be accepted as root directory.

New option:

Admin and database access authorization are now available as part of the 'Settings' menu in Admin backend.

'User name' and 'Password' for Admin access, and also for the database configuration, are no longer stored as readable values. Now they are stored hashed in a separate file.

Accelerated index procedure for media content like images.

New feature in index procedure:

Indexation of media content enabled, even if no text content is available (page contains less than x words).

Improved index procedure:

- Now extracting the 'option' values in < select > tags.

- Now splitting words also at multiple special characters.

- Remove all tag content from full text.

- Improved charset detection.

Improved option

'Convert all kind of accents like á, ç, ê, ì, ü, into their basic vowels'

Now additionally all special HTML character codes for Czech, Romanian, Slovak and Slovenian

languages will be treated as accents and translated into their basic letters.


Ę => E

ů=> u

ť => t

ž => z


Improved intrusion protection:

- Prevent 'session fixation attacks'

- Improved protection against SQL injection, even without activated IDS

Updated link and charset detection for HTML5 coded URLs.

Updated Danish language file. Thanks to 'incognito'.

Bug fixed in result listing for title presentation, containing %20 blanks.

Some small bugs fixed.

Involved files that have been modified / added for this release: