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- Actual release:    4.2021b

- Former versions:

          Version 4.2021a

          Version 3.2020d       Version 3.2020c

          Version 3.2020b       Version 3.2020a

          Version 3.2019c

          Version 3.2019b       Version 3.2019a

          Version 3.2018b       Version 3.2018a

          Version 3.2017b        Version 3.2017a


          Version 3.2016d        Version 3.2016c

          Version 3.2016b        Version 3.2016a


          Version 3.2015e        Version 3.2014c

          Version 3.2015d        Version 3.2014b

          Version 3.2015c        Version 3.2014a

          Version 3.2015b        Version 3.2013b

          Version 3.2015a        Version 3.2013a



- Older versions:


          Version 2.9          Version 1.9

          Version 2.8          Version 1.8

          Version 2.7          Version 1.7

          Version 2.6          Version 1.6

          Version 2.5          Version 1.5

          Version 2.4          Version 1.4

          Version 2.3          Version 1.3

          Version 2.2          Version 1.2

          Version 2.1          Version 1.1

          Version 2.0          Version 1.0


Version: 2.6b

Release date: March 25, 2011

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5

Debugged version of v.2.6

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5

In front of version 2.6 the following modifications have been added:

New Admin setting:

Protect the .../admin/ folder by means of a .htaccess file.

If activated, and if the .htaccess file is not yet available, the script will automatically detect the IP of the admin and create your .htaccess file in the ../admin/ folder.

If the setting is deactivated (checkbox), the .htaccess file will be deleted by the script, so that afterwards the admin folder is freed again for IP independent access.

New feature:

Result listings 'By URL names' and 'Like Google' are sorted in alphabetic order now.

New feature:

The words specified in common list (to be ignored during index procedure) are no longer interpreted case sensitive. Consequently words like 'Sphider' and 'sphider' need not to be included both.

Improved calculation of keyword weighting. Now working independent from lower case and/or upper case written text.

Bug fixed that prevented renaming of the default search script.

Bug fixed in multithreaded indexing.

Bug fixed to prevent creation of duplicate sub folders in .../admin/

Media search enabled for multiple database support.

User debug mode enabled for link search.

Indexing of https:// sites enabled.

Bug fixed for applications not using the advanced search options.

Bug fixed for embedded application.

Bug fixed for result sorting (By URL names).

Bug fixed in 'More results from URL'.

Bug fixed for 'Usese commonlist for words to be ignored during index / re-index'.

Bug fixed in 'Use blacklist to prevent index of pages'.

Involved files that have been modified / added for this debug release:

















.../templates/html/ all files

Version: 2.6

Release date: March 08, 2011

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5

In front of Sphider-plus version 2.5 the following items have been added / modified:

New feature:

Result output is available now also as an XML file. If requested in search.php script, the results will be presented as XML file in .../xml/

For details see the documentation chapter: XML result output

New feature:

Index only parts of a page by <;div id='abc'>;

If enabled in Admin settings, the values as defined in the list-file .../include/common/divs_use.txt

will be used to index only the content between <;div id='abc'>; and <;/div>; .

This is the contray function to: Ignoring parts of a page by <;div id='abc'>;

which is controlled by the list file .../include/common/divs_not.txt

For details see the documentation chapter: Indexing only parts of a page by <;div id='abc'>;

New feature:

Individual (Admin) settings for each database and each set of tables.

Automatically activated by selecting any of the 5 databases and any set of tables in the db’s.

New feature in Admin backend:

'Search' functions are available now in order to query for:

- sites

- links

- keywords

- categories

New Admin setting:

Define number of sites shown per page in Admin backend (pagination 10, 20, 30, 50, 100).

Used for:

- Sites view

- Approve URLs

- Banned domains

- Statistic results

Improved Admin settings:

The table in Admin backend 'Sites' view could be sorted:

- by index-date, latest on top

- by index-date, oldest on top

- by title as personally defined when adding the site

- in alphabetic order (URL)

New feature:

Additional option to Re-index only the sites that are currently shown in 'Sites' view.

By selecting (pagination) 10, 20, 30, 50 or 100 sites per page, it is possible

to re-index only the URLs presented on page 1, and later on those of page 2 etc.

New Admin setting:

Obligatory use the preferred charset as defined in 'General Settings' for indexing.

The corresponding option is to be found in sites 'Edit' option, so that individual sites

could be influenced. If activated, the header information like

<;meta http-equiv='Content-Type' content='text/html; charset=windows-1256 />;

of the site to be indexed, will be overwritten by the preferred charset.

New Admin setting:

Separated activation of debug mode for Admin backend and User interface.

New Admin setting:

Do not index the full text. If activated, only the page 'Title', the 'Keywords' Meta tag,
as well as the 'Description' Meta tag will be indexed.
Never the less, links found in full text will be followed.

New feature:

Queries containing ' && ' will overwrite the advanced search settings to AND.

Queries containing ' || ' will overwrite the advanced search settings to OR.

Complete redesign of all search files for easier integration of Sphider-plus scripts into an existing HTML site.

With special thanks for the suggestions, ideas and the participation of Carl Erling


New Admin setting:

Define whether the 'Search form' and the 'Result listing' of Sphider-plus is embedded into an existing page HTML layout and design, or whether it is used as an independent page.

For details see the documentation chapter: Integration of Sphider-plus into existing sites

New Admin setting:

Define the name of the search script in root folder of Sphider-plus (default: search.php).

Separated style sheet files are now included for Admin backend and for the User interface. This enables to individualize the User style sheet without destroying the Admin design.

For details see the documentation chapter: Integration of Sphider-plus into existing sites

Improved 'Did you mean' algorithm. Now searching for a wider range of potential keywords.

Break character inside of words will now be ignored, so that the complete word becomes indexed and searchable.

Output of Intrusion Detection System now is presented with respect to the currently activated template design.

Improved backup for Admin 'Settings'. The name of the backup file will now consist of:

- Date and time

- Number of database

- Name of table prefix

Consequently, all details for the allocation of the backup files are available now.

Automatically add "http://" for new sites in Admin backend.

Bug fixed, which prevented limiting of search results. Occurred, if multiple databases were selected to deliver search results.

Bug fixed that created multiple wildcards, if searching for numbers.

Bug fixed that suppressed the HTML header in link search.

Bug fixed, which has overwritten the Admin setting

"Show x results per page in result listing"

caused in .../include/searchfuncs.php by the row

if ($all_wild && $greek != '1') $max_hits = '99';

Bug fixed to prevent a blank display on first opening the Admin backend (if mb_string functions are not available).

Bug fixed, which causes invalid URL parsing for relative links with ../../ indication.

Bug fixed that prevented domain search for localhost applications

Bug fixed to prevent invalid character size for ‘Like Google’ result listing

Bug fixed in database 'Backup & Restore' function.

Some additional small bugs removed.

Involved files that have been modified / added for this release:















.../admin/settings/backup/all files




















.../settings/all files and folders

.../templates/html/all files







Attention: This version requires an updated set of database tables. In order to create the new set of tables, run the 'Install all tables' for all databases in 'Database Management / Configure' menu.