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- Actual release:    4.2021b

- Former versions:

          Version 4.2021a

          Version 3.2020d       Version 3.2020c

          Version 3.2020b       Version 3.2020a

          Version 3.2019c

          Version 3.2019b       Version 3.2019a

          Version 3.2018b       Version 3.2018a

          Version 3.2017b        Version 3.2017a


          Version 3.2016d        Version 3.2016c

          Version 3.2016b        Version 3.2016a


          Version 3.2015e        Version 3.2014c

          Version 3.2015d        Version 3.2014b

          Version 3.2015c        Version 3.2014a

          Version 3.2015b        Version 3.2013b

          Version 3.2015a        Version 3.2013a



- Older versions:


          Version 2.9          Version 1.9

          Version 2.8          Version 1.8

          Version 2.7          Version 1.7

          Version 2.6          Version 1.6

          Version 2.5          Version 1.5

          Version 2.4          Version 1.4

          Version 2.3          Version 1.3

          Version 2.2          Version 1.2

          Version 2.1          Version 1.1

          Version 2.0          Version 1.0


Version v.2.2

Release date: December 22, 2009

Build up with Sphider: v.1.3.5

In front of Sphider-plus version 2.1 the following items have been added / modified:

Improved multiple database support:

Results may now be collected from more than one database.

1 - 5 databases could be configured to fetch results for the common result listing.

Valid for text and media search, all search modes, taking into account category selection.

More details in documentation chapter Activate / Disable databases

Improved RSS and Atom feed index procedure. Including now also a validation for the well-formed XML.

Support added for RDF feeds.

For a complete list of indexed items, please notice the documentation chapter:

RDF, RSD, RSS and Atom feeds

Additional item in Admin settings:

Follow CDATA directives for feed content.

Additional item in Admin settings:

Index 'Dublin Core' and other individually marked tags in RDF feeds.

Additional item in Admin settings:

Follow the 'preferred (true/false)' directive in RSD feeds.

Detection of encoding (charset) added for XML and XHTML files.

New item in Admin settings:

During index procedure, convert all kind of single quotes like   ` ´ ’ ‘ into standard quotes  '

New item in Admin settings:

Reduce queries which contain quotes to the basic word.

This will deliver the same results for queries like:

d'information = information   or   dei'largi = largi

Results will be highlighted for the base word. Exclusive noun, pronoun, etc.

Works for all kinds of single quotes.

New Admin setting:

For queries containing numbers, search with wildcards.

Useful to search for complex article numbers, if the user only knows a part of the complete item description

New Admin setting:

Index ZIP compressed files and archives.

Supports (X)HTML, XML and also compressed PDFs and other document files,

as well as all kind of feeds, frames and iframes. Links found in the compressed

files will be followed.

New option to sort the result listing:

Sort by last indexed (date and time). To be defined in Admin settings.

New option to limit result listing:

Define max. amount of results presented in result listing.

To be defined in Admin settings, the count of results will be limited for text and media results

New item in Admin settings:

Use list of div id's to ignore the corresponding div content during index/re-index

A common list of div id values is used to ignore parts of a page.

Content between <;div id=’this_value’>; and <;/div>; will be ignored,

however links in it are followed. Multiple and nested div’s will be attended.

Values in common list may end with a wildcard, so that 'menu*' will work for

menu1, menu2, menu_left, etc.

Usable also for external pages, if it is impossible to add the <;!--sphider_noindex-->; tags.

Common 'URL Must include' and 'URL must Not include' rules, which are valid for all new sites, may be placed now in 2 files. The contents will be transferred to the corresponding option fields when calling 'Add site' in Admin menu. Individually de-selectable by checkbox.

Details in documentation chapter: Must include / must not include string list

Log output suppressed, if the indexer is only redirected from

http://www.abc.de to http://www.abc.de/index.html

Improved response for 'canonical' links. Back references to the calling page are ignored now.

New option for iframe indexing in Admin settings:

Instead of calling page, remember the link to iframe directly.

New Admin setting:

If found on different pages, index also duplicate media content.

If activated, all images, audio and video stream will be presented in result listing.

Otherwise only the first occurrence (page/link) will be presented.

Index procedure improved for dynamical created links.

New option:

Suppress zero results in 'Most popular searches' as presented at the bottom of result listing.

To be selected in Admin settings.

Self test whether all ...s of ../admin/ are writeable. Otherwise a chmod 777 is performed. Malfunction will cause warning messages.

Self test for up to date table structure of MySQL database.

Self test of PDF converter for correct addressing the converter and correct conversion of a test-file. Failures and malfunction will cause warning messages.

Updated PDF converter for non-Latin text like Arabic, Cyrillic, Chinese, Greece and Hebrew documents

With special thanks for the assistance of Daniel Richard, cnmss.fr

New algorithm to create the CAPTCHA in 'Add URL' form.

Function renamed from replace() to replace_string() in .../commonfuncs.php

Bug fixed that prevented highlighting of keywords in result listing, if full text was shorter than 250 characters

(as to be defined in Admin settings: 'Maximum length of page summary displayed in search results').

Bug fixed that prevented highlighting of keywords in result listing for Strict search (!query), if keyword was found in position 0 of full text.

Bug fixed that caused direct jump to iframe instead of linking to the calling page, when activating the link in result listing.

Bug fixed that prevented to display long URLs (> 70 characters) in Admin sites view.

Updated Dutch language file. Thanks to Danny von Berg.

Involved files that have been modified / added for this release:





























.../languages/ all files

.../templates/all folders/hdline.jpg

.../templates/all folders/thisstyle.css

.../converter/rss2html.php + rss.html + rss_parser.php => no longer required

Attention: This version requires an updated set of tables in the MySQL database. In order to create the new tables, please run the 'Install all tables' for all databases in 'Database Management / Configure' menu.