Sphider-plus version 4.2024b - The PHP Search Engine

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[ Release ]

Name:       Sphider-plus

Version:    4.2024b

Released:  May 08, 2024

Based on original Sphider version 1.3.5, released 2009-12-13

[ Legal Info ]

This program is licensed under the GNU GPL v.3 by Rolf Kellner [Tec], tec(a t)sphider-plus.eu

Original Sphider GNU GPL licence by Ando Saabas, ando(a t)cs.ioc.ee

We distribute software in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. No author or distributor of this software accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all, unless he says so in writing. This is exactly the same warranty that proprietary software companies offer: none.




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[ The AI question ]

My personal AI comment.

Don't want to disappoint you. But no, this is not an AI based search engine. Only created from the human mind. By a single human being. Developed over many years and only based on constant thought and improvement.

But to ask this too: What is actually being sold as AI? The collection of lots and lots of data from lots and lots of sources. Combined as a result with more or less meaningful combinations from all this jumble of data.

Sphider-plus is much more modest. After indexing one or more sites on the Internet (with all their content), you can search for words or media data that contain the indexed pages. Somehow much more modest, but effective if you want to make your content more transparent for the users of your pages. And without a back door to any search engines that collect data for their own purposes in order to market the results for themselves.

Was that self-promotion, or just an attempt to fit Sphider-plus into the current AI hypothesis?




[ Donation ]

If you want to use Sphider-plus and also want to promote further development, your remuneration is most welcome.